About Us

At Bhaaav we are more than just a fashion label; we are a tale of sisterhood, passion, and creativity coming together to redefine the world of clothing. Founded by one visionary sister and later joined by another, our brand celebrates the unique bond that sisters share and the power of collaboration in creating something truly extraordinary.

Our Story:

 It all began with a dream – a dream nurtured by our co-founder, Vibha Sahni . Armed with a keen eye for fashion and an unwavering passion for art, she embarked on a journey to bring the idea to life. Making art wearable became the foundation, Bhaaav was born. Each garment crafted under our brand bore the mark of various artists artistic flair and love for self-expression.

An alumnus of the College of Art, Delhi University with B.F.A. degree (Specialization in Applied Art), Vibha’s passion and love for Art helped her to evolve as an astute teacher, spaces designer, event organizer and a person with a great sense of aesthetics and real application of applied art in various fields.

Bhaaav collaborated with a group of artists to change the way art is possessed. Their uniqueness has been captured in garments so that they can be part of your collection and you can carry your emotions in the form of art.

In 2023, Abha Khanna, joined her sister’s vision and joined Bhaaav. From being an unofficial cheerleader of the initiative to being an official partner is a big jump for both the sisters. Abha comes in Bhaaav with rich 15 plus years of experience in communication and child right expertise.  After working for 16 plus experience in development sector she would be investing her skills to make Bhaaav an inclusive clothing brand.