Punkaj Manav

Punkaj, is an eminent national awardee artist . He specializes in creating beautiful abstract artwork. Punkaj’s work follows continuum - it bears no trace of reference to anything recognizable, it’s intangible.

Meghansh Thapa

Meghansh expresses the personal experiences of day-to-day life and his perception of spirituality and a connection with the omnipresent, the formless. Use of symbols like rosary, crescent moon, fish are his way to attract viewer’s attention on area of the artwork and also to tell small stories,

Manoj Agarwal

Manoj specializes in Painting and Sculptures. The subject matter of his works is metaphorical images and medium used is dry pastel on paper and the colours give high contrast tonal variation.

Pavitra Kapur

Pavitra’s artwork is influenced by nature and explores it through her art. She expresses her feelings through colours, forms and movements.

Bindu Popli

Bindu’s her art reveals her spiritual connection between the God and the human soul.

Dr. Manoranjana Herath

Dr. Manoranjana Herath is based out of Sri Lanka and is an expert in the visual art. He is actively involved in many research and creative endeavors. His artwork focuses on faces which represent the uniqueness of any human being.


Hemraj’s His work is a perfect blend of modern innovation and his unique artistic technique. Working mostly in oil, Hemraj has produced a remarkable body of oil paintings over the years. 

Tejinder Kanda

Tejinder Kanda, is also known as the knife maestro. His rhythmic expressions on canvas captivate the ambiance of life with all its trappings, with people busily engaged in their daily routines.

Santosh Kumar Verma
In his paintings show his childhood experiences village, culture , customs. He assimilates such experiences together and express on canvas a language that is childlike yet soulful.