What is Bhaaav?

Bhaaav is a way to put all the bits of human emotions together. The best way to carry your emotions proudly is through the garments you wear. The unique concept that aims to capture and express human emotions through garments. It is a fusion of art and clothing, where the emotions, thoughts, and purity of the soul are beautifully showcased in the form of exquisitely designed garments. The idea behind Bhaaav is to provide individuals with a means to proudly display their emotions and to make art-wearable.

The garments created under the Bhaaav label are not just ordinary pieces of clothing; they are the result of the collaboration between talented artists who believed in portraying the rich tapestry of human emotions on various canvases, and sketches. Bhaaav seeks to present a diverse range of emotions and feelings, making each piece a representation of the human experience.

We are gender and size inclusive brand and believe that an individual can be themselves through our garment and celebrate their individuality.